Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Healthy 65 update (updated and completed, perhaps)

My Healthy 65 challenge -- which began Nov. 30 and was to end Feb. 2 -- was pretty much just a concept by Christmas. I was trying to maintain a daily attitude of gratitude and to refrain from complaining. But I had stopped keeping track of my progress toward accomplishing my goal. 

I was thinking about assessing where I was with it the first week of the new year. 

However, before that happened, I had severe cramping that forced me to the emergency room that led to abdominal surgery and a whole new set of reasons to have an attitude of gratitude and look for the good in every situation. 

Even with a temporary (I hope and pray) colostomy, I know I am too blessed to be stressed. I was basically healthy before my colon flipped out, and I'm basically healthy now. At least that's what my surgeon says. I have a supportive husband, family and friends, including those from church, work, a 12-step fellowship and my always encouraging Facebook crew. I have a job that provides flexibility to allow me to be productive as I adjust to changes. It also connects me to insurance for which I am especially grateful at this time. 

Wednesday, Jan. 6, seemed like one of the healthiest days of my life. I'd taken a comp day off from work to spend with my husband. We were making plans for a bright new year, with positive changes.  We even went to the gym together, and I worked with a trainer for the second time.  I was very excited about our healthy future. 

Yet, before Thursday was over, I was in the emergency room. I ended up in the hospital, then had surgery the next morning. 

There are many things I will never understand. I'm only human, so of course negative thoughts and frustration can enter in when dealing with the challenges of sickness, healing, limitations, changes, health care complexities, insurance, survivor's guilt, worry about my husband's well-being through it all, etc. but I have too much to be grateful for to stay in self-pity for long.

I know and am grateful for this: God never leaves my side. And I'm continuing to do amazingly well, accompanied by God's presence, lots of prayers and angels on earth and in heaven!! An attitude of gratitude helps me not miss these blessings. 

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