Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stepping into Lent

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the start of the Christian season of Lent that traditionally for me is a time of spiritual focus leading up to Easter.

As has been my theme so far in 2016, I am not ready. The aftermath of emergency surgery in early January is that I still lack much sense of normalcy regarding my health or daily routines of life. I actually considered trying to make my Lenten focus to be no more excuses and to try to force myself to get what I consider "back on track." 

But I quickly realized a more realistic and spiritual focus would be to just recommit to my efforts to pray, meditate, read and study the Bible, trust and obey and take things one day at a time, seeking to know God's will for my life, to His glory. 

Still, I couldn't resist  sharing a couple of Lenten studies on my Facebook page that I likely will check out in the morning and pray for insight into whether they offer the guidance I need. And I, God willing, to attend the Ash Wednesday service at my church. 

But I have to admit that, this year, I have some awareness I may tend toward going through the motions. I want a closer walk with God, but I'm having trouble focusing in. 

So, I have no idea where this year's Lenten journey will lead me. I will step out in faith, eager to see where God leads me. 

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