Friday, January 20, 2017

Maybe tomorrow

Sweet music of life.

I MUST SING! So why don't I?

I thought these words from my First 15 devotion this morning would get me back on track:  

But you have a choice today. A radical life of wholehearted love for God awaits you. It’s waiting for you right now. It doesn’t mean you have to pack your bags and head out on the mission field. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lead someone to Jesus today. It could be as simple as opening your heart fully to God and allowing him to fill you with his love to overflowing. Commit your life to him in full surrender today. Respond to his leadership with a continual “yes” in your heart. Give yourself to him completely that your life would be marked by a wholehearted pursuit of the perfect, pleasing and powerful plans of your heavenly Father. .... 

... Now ask God to reveal to you how he wants you to live wholeheartedly today. He has a plan each day for you; one that will give you joy, passion, and peace on a whole new level you’ve yet to experience. There’s more for you everyday. 

... Ask the Spirit to help you live the life God has shown you. Ask him to fill you with a desire to be obedient and wholehearted in response to God’s love. Ask him to help you be aware of what he’s speaking to you and to walk in full obedience to it. Take time to rest in the presence of God.

I wrote down four people I would like to reach out to and truly thought this would lead me to visit at least one of the four, all of whom have been in my prayers. One is a person I want to sing to. But at the end of the day, I hadn't even called one person or sent a card, much less gone to visit. Maybe tomorrow.

I did sing around the house. But that's like hiding a lamp under a basket. What good does it do? Well, maybe it did a little good, as it brought songs to mind. And singing does take practice. I haven't been doing much lately.

Maybe tomorrow .... 

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