Friday, January 6, 2017


I thought I seldom was sick with a real cold. The truth is I seldom took off work because I was sick with a cold.  It didn't mean I wasn't really sick. 

So, while I find myself wondering why I'm sick more now that I'm not working, the truth comes out: I'm not sick more. I'm just acknowledging it more.

The latest round of symptoms became apparent Monday. Even as I tried to deny it might be a cold, I got extra rest and took some over-the-counter meds. Despite my husband's concerns, I thought I felt good enough to go to choir practice by Wednesday night. But not long into the rehearsal, I was aware that I didn't feel that great. And adding to my discomfort was the realization I was probably spreading cold germs, even as I tried not to breathe on or touch anyone. 

So I canceled two appointments for Thursday. Now it's Friday, and I feel quite a bit better. I'm also glad I don't have to get out in the snow and go to work or anywhere else. Something I wanted to attend Saturday was canceled due to the weather. So maybe I'll really be well by Sunday!!

I hope somehow taking better care of myself -- resting, not going out -- when sick helps me be healthier in the long run. Right now, the verdict is still out on that, given that I've had two rounds of a cold in about a month despite this more conscientious approach. But I will remain optimistic and keep trying to make healthy, wholesome choices, even when that means missing things I really would like to do.  

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