Sunday, January 24, 2010


I bought a mirror for my desk at work today. I've been working at my current desk since Oct. 1. When I sit facing my desk and computer, I can only see one of my co-workers without turning around. I also have to turn in my chair or look over my shoulder to see if page proofs are waiting on a shelf to be read. (Reading page proofs is one of the duties I share.) My co-workers tell me they think I have the best place, because all I see is what's outside the big bank of north and west windows. Isn't that interesting? Yes, on sunny days, it's nice. But in winter and on dreary days, a window to the darkness is hardly what someone with depressive tendencies needs. Call me crazy, but I'd rather see people.

So, I bought a mirror. I had decided to buy one before the end of October but couldn't find what I was looking for. Then a situation at work changed for a couple of months, and some of the things were moved around so I didn't have to look over my shoulder as much. But things returned to "normal" after the first of the year, and within a week. my neck was sore.

So .... the mirror. I got it so I can see whether there are proofs on the shelf, or whether a person I might need to go talk to is at his or her desk. I also like to know who it is when someone walks up behind me or is looking over my shoulder.

But even in October when I thought about getting a desk mirror, I realized there was perhaps a greater purpose for it. I'm a people person. I want to see people at work, not just the streets, houses, landscape and sky. I want to see people's eyes and smiles. And if they're not smiling, well I might just look in my mirror and smile at myself! I'm smiling just to think of it. And if for some reason I'm not feeling like smiling at work, maybe my mirror will catch that and bring a change. Here's hoping my mirror reflects only the best!

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