Thursday, January 7, 2010

Untitled (for now) and probably unfinished

Rich blessings of family, friendship and spirit. Sweet music of life: To hear it! To share it!

What is it about the sudden and confusing death of a loved one that makes the music richer and more powerful than ever? Precious memories. Great is God's faithfulness. Amazing grace. How great Thou art. And He will raise you up on eagle's wings.

Some of my treasured memories involve singing at church in Arkansas, knowing my dear Uncle Joe would be there to hear it. He will be greatly missed.

The last time I was in Arkansas, in August, even though Uncle Joe no longer attended that church with my brother, I made a point of letting him know I'd be singing. He said he planned to be there and seemed to look forward to it. But something came up and he didn't make it.

God willing, I will sing there again tomorrow. For Uncle Joe, for my brother and his family, for Mom and Dad, for Joe's widow, for any and all who need a touch of God's mercy, love, grace, strength, blessings and comfort in a time of deep sorrow. I pray to be a worthy instrument of God's rich music of life.

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  1. I did sing, and I am grateful. Rest in peace, Uncle Joe.